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About Us

In 2016 Bella Nail Lounge opened in downtown Newark, NJ. There was a gap of time between when I stopped working and Bella opened and I'm horrible with idle time coupled with my ADHD and ADD one of the many things I decided to do was research ways to make the soaks and scrubs for Bella. I watched days and probably weeks of videos and read article after article on how to do this. I researched ingredients, suppliers, recipes, etc to make a quality product. 

I began to order products and create draft goal fragrances and product recipes. I tested multiple brands to obtain my goal scents which were mostly geared towards cocktails, I thought with the Bella having lounge and bar in her name fragrances named after cocktails would be cool and we could consider them skin cocktails because what your skin drinks is important.

As time got closer for Bella to open I think I had a list of 35 goal fragrances but I stuck with about 15 (its up to about 20 as of 3/19). 

Once Bella opened (10/16) I was absolutely overwhelmed by the demand for product for use at Bella and based on customer request for personal use. I underestimated how much product we would need to provide our services and how much people would like them (and want to buy them) and I decided to make our cuticle oil (I think Ms. Lulu made me). 

The same thought went into the cuticle oil and body oil as the butters , we wanted to make sure it was light and absorbed easily. This happened after we open, I still remember Lamont and I using Michelle's arm as our tester for oil blends.  A little definitely goes a long way. 

I’ll never forget the first request/demand for some scrub to prepare for her date night. I was unprepared for and she (Fianah) didn’t want to wait she told me she was getting her money together and she suggested that I get my scrub together she was on her way. I’ll never forget her saying if I could handle the stress of creating Bella Nail Lounge I could handle the stress of creating her a scrub. 

Trying to manage and adjust to owning a nail salon required me working 80 hour weeks and balancing a lot. I decided if Bella Bath and Body was going to be successful I needed help. So, one day in March of 2017, I made a random call to someone that had become a regular at Bella to see if he wanted to help me meet the demands of Bella Bath and Body. Not knowing what that meant or what that would take he was absolutely open to talking about my ideas, goals and needs. 

The product line has grown and evolved since 2016, thanks to Ms. Lulu, Fianah and Lamont.

In 2017 we did a couple of local NJ festivals and focused on selling products at Bella.

2018 we added Queenie, she was supposed to be a limited anniversary sent but she got way too much love to not be added to our list of scents.  

In 2019 we got serious and developed this website (its our second one and much better than the first one) and we added new scents and products too: Love Potion, Subtle Summer, our facial scrubs, Escape, Midas and Pumpkin Spice.

in 2020 we added new scents Sugah and Mermaid  

In 2021 we finally started revamping our labels for a new, cleaner more professional look.   

So far in 2022 we had our first major sale, added Out Back Jack, Him to increase of masculine scents and foaming hand soaps in select scents. Unfortunately one of the products we use for Love Potion was discontinued and we have to adjust the recipe.

2023 we released Subtle and Spicy and Rosé (our second floral scent) in February. Thank you Em for helping remove the fresh overpowering rose).

March we're releasing Unicorn (because Unicorn Day is in April) thanks Adeneka for helping me perfect the balance of the grapefruit) and Earthy Vibes on 4/20.

In May we’re releasing Island Nectar and two new products Body Polish (a cleansing and exfoliating scrub) and a whipped soap in a few of our most popular scents.

We’re evolving but always staying true to our motto “what your skin drinks is just as important as what you drink!”

Enjoy our skin cocktails and your skin will thank you. Our products are great alone, as an additional to your current skin care routine or for layering with your favorite perfumes/colognes. If your looking for something natural or highly fragrant, we have an option for you.



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